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For over 70 years, IMAR has given crunchy and multiform bases to ice cream, the most popular dessert in the world. Still to this day, the company continues to manufacture innovative machinery for the production of any type of moulded ice cream cone, cup or wafer-based product.

IMAR has made of research, development, production and design its mission, promoting one of the symbolic products of Italian food design.

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La storia
La storia

Ice cream cone was invented in 1903 by Italo Marchionni


Arnaldo Lisarelli was born in 1911. Aeronautical engineer for the Italian Air Force during World War II, in the post-war period he works for a small company that produced manual coal-fired machines for baking ice cream cones. Following the closure of the factory, he decides to set up his own business.


Arnaldo founds “ORMA”, his first company in Rome, designing his manual baking machine, different and qualitatively better than the previous ones thanks to a new cooking system and automatic dropping of the cones. Thus begins the study of automatic cooking systems for the growing market of ice cream cones.

La storia

The business expands and Arnaldo moves the factory to a larger facility. “ALMA” is born: Arnaldo Lisarelli Food Machinery. In Alma, Arnaldo designs, along with his son Manlio and following the advice of customers, the prototype of a fully automatic oven with unique mechanics and ingenious for the simplicity of its production of ice cream cones and cups.


Arnaldo patents the first automatic machine for cooking ice cream cones: a real success in Italy and worldwide. It is a highly specialized and innovative machine, so much so that it’s still running today after its reconditioning.


The affirmation of the product on domestic and foreign markets leads to a new company transfer to the industrial area on the outskirts of the capital. And so is born “IMAR”: Food Machinery Industry Rome. Following in Arnaldo’s footsteps, the ethics and philosophy of the first generation still permeate the company and family history to this day.

From 2000 to 2020

Over the past recent years I.M.A.R.  has never stopped in the process of development and technological innovation of its machines, with the aim of continuously improving the AML ovens and fulfilling the needs of its customers.
In particular, the attention of Roberta, Arnaldo and all IMAR staff turned to:
– Reducing electricity and gas consumption of AML ovens;
– Searching for high quality materials and high tech components;
– Investing in Machine Safety;
– Designing wafer products with new and particular shapes;
РPurchasing  3D printers in order to make 3D models
– Investing in modern performing CNC machines to manufacture high quality molds.

What about the future? It will certainly be full of new projects and challenges.

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How do we bake sturdy, crispy, crunchy cones and cups?


A consultancy service to support you in the stages of analysis, planning and design of your cones and wafer products, available in many different shapes and sizes.


A team of technicians and creatives to plan a unique and captivating design, translating your brand into a customised product.


Technical support to manage the on-site installation of IMAR machines and to provide any maintenance.


An after-sales service always available to ensure timely assistance and appropriate training of your resources.

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IMAR and sustainability

Generating sustainable innovation is the challenge that IMAR has successfully faced, becoming the key player of an ecological and environmentally-friendly production.
IMAR adopts energy-saving solutions, reducing the environmental impact of production activities, reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, using renewable energy from photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity and drawing up an annual Green Plan by which the research and development department is guided.

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