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Spare Moulds

IMAR also manufactures spare moulds, for those who need to produce other shapes with the same machine. The procedure of changing the moulds is simple and fast and will be shown to you by our technicians. Our technical department is available to provide assistance and further information about any type of mould and wafer products.

Long and/or curved conveyor belts

IMAR has designed and manufactured additional conveyor belts integrated to the conveyor stacking table, used to cover different distances and also directed crosswise according to your request. They are complete with motors, inverter drive and electronics integrated in the electrical panel, produced with CE-compliant technical plastic materials for food use.

Macchina alimentari
Macchina alimentari
TURBOMIX 60 and TURBOMIX 150 Mixers

To obtain a perfect batter, it is necessary to avoid high temperatures, low mixing speeds and long mixing times. For this reason, IMAR has designed two mixers for optimal mixing of powders and food liquids, both fitted with an upper tank with lid controlled by a safety microswitch.

Technical Specifications:
Made of aisi 304 stainless steel | Electric tension: volt 380 | Mixture discharge valve on the front | Timer
Mixing Time: 5-8 minutes

Turbo Mix 60
Diameter 530 mm x h. 1.100 mm | Weight Kg 75 | Power: 2 Kw/h | Capacity 85 litres

Turbo Mix 150
Diameter 630 mm x h. 1.100 mm | Weight Kg 110 | Power: 3 Kw/h | Capacity 180 litres

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