High-level automation

The AML machine is a high-tech oven designed for the production of moulded ice cream cones and wafer-based products such as cups, goblets, baskets and food containers.

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Machine Body

Machine with gas heating and electric traction, cast iron moulds to shape and bake the product.


Tank & Pump

Insulated stainless steel tank to contain the batter and automatic injection pump to ensure perfect dosage of the batter.


Conveyor & Hopper

Hopper, counter slides and stacking table on which the product is stacked and counted, ready for packaging.

AML: una macchina facile da usare

AML: a user-friendly machine

Each operation is automated and controlled by a PLC, hence a single operator can run the machine during all phases of production:


Setting and adjusting speed and temperature parameters via PLC


Re-filling of the tank with fresh batter


Production cycle monitoring and visual inspection of the product


Removal of the product from the conveyor and packaging
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An AML oven produces ice cream cones and cups of the highest quality

One complete round of the mould along the chain corresponds to a complete baking cycle. When the mould opens, the product slides naturally on the collection stacking plate resulting in fragrant and tasty baked products.

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Macchina alimentari
IMAR technology achieves highest performance with lowest consumption




The gas, temperature, speed, batter quantity and baking time parameters are controlled by PLC

All panels are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, thickened and insulated with a special double thermal coating

Special wheels and tracks for stable and uniform movement and traction
5 inverters

The motors of AML machines are controlled by the latest generation of electronic inverters and all components used for electrical and gas systems are cutting-edge technology.
IMAR manufactures its machines using components from the best brands in the world: Omron, Toshiba, Brahma, Satronic, Dungs.

5 inverter
Dispositivi di sicurezza
Safety Devices

AML machines are equipped with safety devices which protect the operators during the working phases, in order to maintain the necessary safety conditions.
The machines are fitted with safety gratings, special keys for opening the panels, additional lights at the production control points.

Interfaccia touch screen (HMI) per un monitoraggio completo

Touch screen interface (HMI) for full monitoring

Every AML machine is equipped with a modern PLC console installed on the electrical panel. This control unit follows and manages every single function of the machine, ensuring maximum operational accuracy and simplifying the operator’s work.
Thanks to the PLC console, the operating instructions can be customized and adapted to the customer’s needs.

Struttura e stampi di alta qualità

High quality structure and moulds

Every AML machine is built on a solid carbon steel frame. Pins, wheels and tracks are treated with a hardening process to ensure long-lasting durability. Moulds are made of superior quality, high-grade gray cast iron and the male/core parts are in brass nickel plated, reducing the risk of the product sticking to the surface.

Tests carried out have shown that even after 80 washes (about 40 years of use) the moulds retain their high quality.

Accessories and customized Services on demand for our clients

Spare Moulds


Custom-made long or curved conveyor belts

Metal Detector

Gas flow control system

Mixing level indicator and warning buzzer for the batter tank

Remote control software which interfaces with the PLC for diagnostic and real-time troubleshooting of any potential problem
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