Technical Data

AML is an automatic machine designed for baking and production of wafer-based food products.
It is made of three modules:
  • machine body with gas heating and electrical traction, with moulds (female cast, chrome-plated brass male) for the baking of thee product.
  • Batter tank / batter injection pump.
  • stacking chute (hopper) and cone counter slide, in which the product is counted and stacked, and is ready for packaging.

  • Baking System:
    • The batter is directly injected in controlled doses, into the baking mould. The moulds, which are heated by a gas burner placed on the bottom of the machine, are positioned on the chain and their movement is continuous. One full turn of the mould on the chain corresponds to a complete baking cycle.

    Expulsion of the product:
    • At the end of the baking cycle, the mould is opened and the product naturally falls on the stacking slide.

    Batter Injection System:
    • The batter injection system is automatic: the injection pump is connected to the sprayer which is equipped with nozzles. This system injects the set amount of batter directly into the baking mould.

    The machine is easy to use, since all the operations are automated.
      A single operator can run the machine during the production steps, which are the following:
    • Parameters setting and adjustment (speed, temperature) through PLC.
    • Re-filling of the batter tank with fresh batter.
    • Production cycle monitoring.
    • Visual inspection of the product.
    • Removal of the product from the cone conveyor and product packaging in boxes (or other suitable packaging material).

    The control of machine functions is performed by a PLC, which is installed on the control cabinet. The control panel is fully set with all the necessary equipment for the complete management of the movements and maneuvers of the machine (see diagrams and electrical features).
    Five models of machines from 14 up to 36 molds, compact design, easy mechanic.
    Molds: high-grade gray cast Iron: it never wears out; year by year it becomes more compact; it is perfect for the baking system; even washing them 80 times (around 40 years time) moulds do not wear out.
    Easily exchange of the Molds, so that different products can be produced on the same machine.
      Gas-heated, any type of gas and very low gas consumption. I.M.A.R. machines are able to perform with such reduced gas consumptions because of:
    • the shape of the blower;
    • the movement of the blower that follows the movement of the moulds;
    • the regulation of the gas by the PLC;
    • the compact structure of the machine;
    • the position of the burner that is closer to the moulds.
Batter recipe
  • Kg 10 flour
  • Kg ? maize starch
  • Gr ? grain oil
  • Gr ? soya lecityn
  • Gr ? salt
  • Gr ? sugar
  • Gr ? bicarbonate
  • Gr ? caramel (or gr. 5 of any coloring)
  • Lt 12 water (according to type of flour)
How to prepare batter
  • Open the lid and put into the mixer: Water, Sugar, Caramel, Salt, Maize starch, Flour, oil, soda bicarbonate and other ingredients according to the required amount and own recipe.
  • Close the lid, push the start button and the machine will start.
  • After 2/3 minutes the dough is ready, it has to be homogeneous and viscous.
Electrical consumption
    Reduced electrical consumption thanks to:
  • the Motors that are controlled by by INVERTERS;
  • latest generation Inverters
Reduces and make easier the work of the operator, because it checks and advise every single function of the machine, and it is much more exact.
Thanks to PLC console, instructions ca be accustomed to the client’s needs and can be easily personalised.
I.M.A.R. Machines blowers are 3 times smaller than the past, and controlled by the PLC.
Machine safety
I.M.A.R. machines respects every safety regulation, in conformity with CE; with USD regulations Canadian regulations.
I.M.A.R. male parts are chromium-plated. Chromium-plating is a very important processing , in order to have a longer life of the males, and in order to reduce the risk of sticking of the cones. If the males do not have a chromium-plate treatment, they shortly wear out.
Materials of the machine and special treatments
I.M.A.R. use to treat some parts such as pins, trucks and wheels with temper treatment and case-harden, so that we assure a long life expectancy to these important parts of the machine.
Pump System
    : I.M.A.R. machines have a motorized pump controlled by the PLC:
  • it lasts forever;
  • it guarantees less maintenance (zero);
  • great precision when injecting;
  • great precision of the quantity of dough to be injected;
  • no-drop system, so that there is no waste of dough and the machine does not get too dirty.
Quality of the baked product
The quality of the wafer product and cones is also very important, so that clients are happy of the product they are buying. I.M.A.R. machines can bake very high quality cones, STRONG AND TASTY.
Machine sizes
It is very important to have a compact machine, such as I.M.A.R. machines are, I.M.A.R. machines have been engineered to be compact so that it is possible to reduce consumptions and to operate them easily.
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I.M.A.R.'s experience and tradition: we have been manufacturing ice cream cone baking machines since 1946, selling all over the world. We believe that the meaning of a such long presence in the market means first of all earnestness toward our clients, experience, best quality machines, assistance, success in developing and improving year by year high quality equipment, catching the best that up-to-date technology can offer.