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Born in 1911 Mr. Arnaldo Lisarelli was an aircraft engineer for the Italian Air force during the second word-war. On his return to Italy, he worked for a few months in a small company producing manual cones baking machines, heated by carbon and manually operated. The owner of this small company, Mr. Blashek, very soon closed down his factory and left Italy Mr Arnaldo Lisarelli decided to go into his own business and in 1947 founded his first small company ORMA (Officina Romana Macchine Alimentari), in Rome.
He engineered his own type of manual machine, different from the previous ones, a new baking system with automatic falling of the cones and highest quality materials both for the frame and the moulds Post war business boomed and in the 1950’s , with the growing demands for his machines, he moved to a bigger facility where he continued improving his equipment.
Mr. Arnaldo, identified an opportunity to manufacture fully automatic ovens for the growing ice cream cones market. A few years later, in 1963, with his sons, he moved to a bigger factory in Via Tuscolana he named A.L.M.A. (Arnaldo Lisarelli Macchine Alimentari).

In ALMA he engineered the prototype of a fully automatic cone baking machine, with his son Manlio, with advices from his friends and customers. In 1968, the first automatic machine was patented. This automatic machine was sold to an Italian customer and after a modern reconditioning it is still running.
The automatic machine was a success in Italy and worldwide, because of its unique characteristics
With the success and worldwide acceptance of the automatic machine, a bigger Factory was built in 1984 in the industrial area of Albano Laziale, near Rome: I.M.A.R. Co. Ltd (Industria Macchine Alimentari Roma) I.M.A.R. now has five (5) models of fully automatic ice cream cone baking machines with capacity of 2,500 to 11,000 pieces per hour.
I.M.A.R. continues to research and develop innovative technologies to improve the automatic cone production machines .
Our goal is to continue improving AML cone production machines to meet the immediate and future needs of our customers worldwide. Today I.M.A.R. company is proudly Italian made and owned.

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I.M.A.R.'s experience and tradition: we have been manufacturing ice cream cone baking machines since 1946, selling all over the world. We believe that the meaning of a such long presence in the market means first of all earnestness toward our clients, experience, best quality machines, assistance, success in developing and improving year by year high quality equipment, catching the best that up-to-date technology can offer.